Rugby Union Betting Guide for 2022

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Rugby Union Betting Guide for 2022

  • The game of rugby union sees 15 players from each team fight for victory. The bench is an additional 8 people who can come in at any time to replace fallen teammates or need more experience on their feet during play.

  • Rugby Union Betting Guide for 2022

    The starting 15 is a mix of forwards and backs. There are eight players in all, including props, Hooker/Lock(s), Flankers & Centre Set-piece specialist. Fly-half/scrumhalf combo as well as left-wing or right-hand side wings to round out your team’s formation into one that defences will have trouble lining up against!

  • If a player needs to be replaced on the field, they can do so at any time. Once their blood has been replaced and/or replenished with new supplies of red liquid goodness then that athlete will still have enough temporary vitality left for them to come back into play if needed!

  • The sin bin is a place where players who receive yellow cards go, and it can temporarily reduce your team down to 14 or fewer people for 10 minutes.

  • The coach’s red card is a Sports Injury that permanently reduces the size of your team to 14 or fewer players for the rest of the game.

    Rugby Union Betting Guide for 2022

  • Top-level rugby union matches have TMOs (television match officials) who are constantly reviewing all the action in case a referee on the field misses something.

  • Points are awarded for tries (five), conversions(two) penalty kicks and drop goals between the posts.

  • When the scoring of a try is prevented by foul play, then there is an opportunity for an exciting penalty try.

  • Unlike soccer, time keeps moving during a rugby match. There’s no break in play to await the clock or any other interruptions- just an endless game of possession that can go on for hours!

  • The game of rugby is full contact and fast-paced. Two halves are played, with the team that has more points at the end-of second period winning!