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Split Graded Holidays


She likes to combine a little activity with a lot of relaxation.  He’s jazzed for the full adrenaline tour.  How can they find a holiday that suits them both?


Luckily, some trips fall between two rankings.  Called “split grades”, this might be perfect for our hypothetical couple.  An active trip could is split rated leisurely/moderate.  There will be a combination of activities to please him and her.


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Featured Destination: Italy

Italy is on a roll, touristically speaking. More and more Canadians are discovering its charms and learning that one trip to Italy just isn’t enough!


There is a plethora of awesome active vacations, and you’ll always have a good excuse to tuck into that pasta and cheese at night. Oh, and rumour has it Italy has some pretty good wines too!


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Top 10 Active Cycling Holidays


There is no better way to explore our world then with pedal power.  



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Popular Active Travel Holidays

A Taste of Burgundy Bike & Barge - 8 Days
**Premium Style**

Enjoy the charm of Burgundy's rolling landscape as you cycle along quiet country roads and canal ways, passing world famous vineyards and charming old towns.

Multiple departure dates available 

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East Africa and Zanzibar Safari - 15 Days





Offering ultimate value-for-money, this East African safari showcases the best wildlife and culture in Kenya and Tanzania including a relaxing end in Zanzibar.



Multiple departure dates available



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Iceland Cruise: Land of Fire and Ice - 8 Days

**Supreme Style**


An amazing 8-day Iceland cruise aboard Le Boreal or Le Soléal – stylish, yacht-like small ships– and get to know surprising Iceland as few people do.


Multiple departure dates available


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Our Active Travel Style Guide

To help you select the perfect Active Travel Vacation, we have assigned different travel styles to our vacations. This will help you find the one that's right for you.

clean comfortable local hotels (3 star), often use local transport, 30% of meals included

locally owned hotels (3.5 star) with a few more amenities, private transport, 50% of meals included

locally owned higher end hotels (4 star), private transport,70% of meals included

5 star hotels with full amenities, private transport, 100% of meals included

Did you know?


Credit cards are not widely accepted in Italy . You can’t pay anything that is less than 10 Euros with a credit card, and even then you’re going to be frowned upon. Always bring cash with you!

Featured Recipe:

Rustic Genovese Basil Pesto Pasta



 It's impossible to think of Italy without thinking of pasta!


Get the recipe

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